TilePic reader

Already some years ago, I made some applications to extract images from a TilePic file (TilePic reader) and to download images from a TilePic web interface (TilePic stitcher).

What a TilePic file is (*.tpc, *.tjp, *.tpg, *.ttx), was once explained on the currently missing homepage of TilePic’s authors:

“TilePic is a file format developed by the Berkeley Digital Library Project that is designed to store tiled data of arbitrary type in a hierarchical, indexed format in order to provide fast retrieval. This format was influenced by the Kodak FlashPix format and is based in part on the GridPix format developed by the Tertiary Disk Project at UC Berkeley.”

The reason that I made these programs, was that this format was used by many sites of Dutch regional archives for their large and detailed scans of original documents. As they often did not provide functionality to download the entire image at its highest resolution, I decided to find a way to do that myself, by stitching the image together from its highest resolution tiles.

TilePic stitcher 2.4 GUI screenshot

The applications are open source and available at SourceForge, where the project’s website offers more information and additional screenshots.